Elevators have become one of the essential parts of today. Earlier elevators were meant to be for the rich people. Having the cost decreased, it has now become a luxurious necessity for most people. Elevators have now become common in commercial or even residential premises.

There are different types of elevators. In this article you’ll get to know about the different types of elevators.

  1. Platform elevators

These elevators are for low-rise commercial or residential buildings of maximum a few floors. Naturally Cibes lift or passenger lifts are small in size comparatively to other ones. Even these lifts run slow than any passenger lifts. But, still in some cases these serve the purpose.

  1. Glass lifts

It’s a kind of passenger lifts with glass doors and walls. Presently many commercial building like shopping malls are using this elevator in order to attract visitors. The utilization of these lifts are same as any passenger lifts. But, due to its appearance people tend to attract more to glass elevators.

  1. Passenger elevators

The term is suggesting its meaning. These elevators are meant to carry passengers. But these lifts needs to have safety standards in order to ensure top-notch protection. Depending upon the number of passengers, the size may vary in these elevators. These can be used both for residential and commercial purposes. You can customize its design and size by consulting with the concerned engineer. Often passenger lifts are seen in high-rise complexes.

  1. Evacuation lifts

Although lifts are not allowed to use during fire break out. But, there are certain lifts which are used for these purpose only. Management make top-notch plan to evacuate people during fire break out through these elevators. These are no different from any normal elevators but it’s only used for these purpose.

  1. Elevators with fire protection
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There are certain types of elevators which are designed to be used in situation where fire breaks out.  Having additional protection these elevators can be protected from the fire up to a certain limit.

  1. Service lifts

Every commercial building has these elevators in common. These are not supposed to carry passengers but only goods. But, these elevators require the same standard level that a passenger lifts require.

  1. Trolley lifts

These are especially designed for luxury hotels to carry larger goods like roll cages or trolleys. If there’s a need to transport goods between the floors, then these elevators are certainly needed.

  1. Dumb waiters

There are lifts to transport food to the serving area from the kitchen. These are usually small in size. Not only in kitchen but in offices or hospitals, these elevators can be used.



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