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An outstanding essay will earn you top grade in a class and improve your career or professional prospects. Here are proven tips on how to write the most captivating essay on any topic and for any grade.

  • Review The Instructions And Understand Them Clearly

Each essay assignment comes with specific instructions. The instructions point at such elements as the length of your paper, formatting style to use, language, and submission deadline, among other factors. The teacher may also provide a prompt to guide your writing. These instructions must be followed if your paper is to be accepted upon submission.

Read through the instructions and request for assistance in case any instruction is not clear. The instructions also help you to find reference materials to use in your writing. Samples and examples used must adhere to the instructions provided by your department.

  • Identify A Topic To Guide Your Writing

Choose a topic that will anchor your essay. Though the teacher has provided a prompt or a general area, your paper must have a title. The title chosen should be interesting to read, thought-provoking, and relevant to the topic under discussion. Use words and phrases that elicit curiosity and compel anyone reading through your title to peruse deeper. A reader who is not impressed by your topic will never read your paper. Your teacher will also form an impression of your paper based on the wording of your title.

  • Read Widely On The Topic
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Look for high-quality reference materials for your essay. Teachers and the department provide a link to helpful databases for students to use in research. Remember that the quality of reference materials you use during research and writing will determine the strength of your ideas.

  • Develop An Outline

Plan your essay using an outline. The outline captures all the ideas you wish to explore during writing. The outline should capture the topic, introduction, body, and conclusion. Each point to be explored in the body of a paper should also be included in the outline. Add the materials to use as references for each subtopic.

An outline helps you to develop the most organized essay. With an outline, you will identify the strongest points and place them strategically within your essay. You avoid repetition or skipping other ideas during drafting.

  • Draft And Edit Your Paper

Spare enough time to draft your paper. Do not be in a hurry because you will be prone to mistakes. Use a third party to edit the paper and submit an essay that is free of errors. You must complete the paper on time to facilitate editing.

Each essay is unique and must be treated as such. Though you may use examples and samples in your writing, you will be guided by the instructions issued by your teacher. Consult your teacher or a professional assistant in case you find a challenge while writing the paper.


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