Challenge coins are a type of small medallions which people from armed forces carry around. You may have seen these coins especially if you’ve relatives from army background. These coins represent unity, dignity, and dedication towards a certain service. People from army background hold these police challenge coins as a symbol of involvement throughout the years. Whenever a soldier is to be honored he must be given this glint of metal to.

Challenge coins are used to represent certain units, organizations, and teams. Not only does it represent certain membership with an organization but it can also be used to celebrate any special event or someone’s achievement.

What are the type of challenge coin?

Depending upon the type of usage there are two type of challenge coins for example, military challenge coins and law enforcement challenge coins.

Challenge coins for Military usage

There are especially designed police challenge coins which represent certain military branches, special groups, or any specific mission. The design of these coins may vary for each individual country. People who hold the highest position of military department can use their own coins. Any reputed position holder from country leaders can also use their own coins.

Law enforcement coins

Apart from military agency there are fire fighters and law enforcement agencies who use challenge coins as a symbol of duty. These coins represent a sense of honor and your unity with the department.

What are the ways to use a police challenge coin?

Giving Recognition

Employees who’ve been performing their duty with proper dedication nad hard work, deserve certain dignity. There’s no better option than rewarding them except for a challenge coins. This boost them and other employees to be more productive. In a way challenge coins help to increase your organization’s productivity.

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Police challenge coins are used in military services to reward soldiers for their involvement with the department for a certain period of time. The coins here represent you as an elite member of a group.

Create connection

If you’ve any relatives working in military services, you probably have seen the tradition of passing challenge coins from one generation to the other. This help to create or show a strong connection with the department.

What is a police challenge coin?

 These are the coins that represent everything starting from the person who make it and to the person who receives it as a reward. When someone receive such coin, it represents a strong connection. These are the coins used in especially departments like secret service, FBI, and homeland security.


There are organizations that provide Police Challenge Coins. If you want to make your employees feel greeted, then this pin is a must. With the help of online portal, you can buy these pins with a cheap price. So, make all the dedicated workers feel proud and motivate them to blossom up to their full potential.


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