Typically the channel letters are made of metal or plastic. It is essentially utilized as outside signage for any business. Channel letters signs are otherwise called halo lit letter signs or illuminated letter signs. It is an indication that is generally lit up with neon. You can simply wire this inside any wall besides mounting them directly on the wall. The impact remains the same for both ways. Most of the people prefer mounted letters over other types. These is because it can be seen from a long distance.

Most of the business owners prefer this channel letter over any other signage due to its impact. Entrepreneurs utilize this to make a positive brand picture. You can customize these letter signs by correct shading, size, style and so forth.

There are different sorts of letters accessible like, face-lit letter sign, raceway mounted letter sign, plastic framed letter sign, exposed neon letter, and so forth.

Raceway Mounted Letters Sign

Here the number of letters gets attached to a particular raceway box. The raceway box having a rectangular shape helps to mounting the letters. Generally these signs are simpler to install than other type of letter signs which are individually mounted.

Front Lit Letters

These letters are the type which remains lit all through the day the light illuminates the letter’s front. As the name recommends the letters are constantly lit for the whole day.

Halo Lit Letters

The halo lit letter signs are generally made of aluminum and the lighting is coordinated to the back. Around evening time it appears to be unique as the light floods the divider that the letter is mounted to and make an alternate shade around evening time. It fundamentally makes halo impacts.

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Exposed Neon Letter

Neon Signs Toronto providers offer excellent designs among the exposed neon letter signage. In this letter signs the neon is secured with an unmistakable acrylic face. The design is made in such a way that no birds can make a nest over it and hence it remains durable for a longer period of time. So it enables the presented neon to be seen and include a dimensional look.

Plastic Formed Letters

The plastic formed letter signs mainly cover the letter’s faces that are made by translucent light-diffusing coloured plastic. So, here the light can be transmitted from both of the sides including the face of the letters. These letters are mainly made of plastic.


Among the type of signage available Channel Letter Signs can be a powerful way to boost your business sales and divert potential customers into your store. This letters can be made in a cost-effective way. So, you don’t need to bother about your budget. There are organizations that can offer you a variety of designs within your desired range.



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