Green laser engraver has been highly preferred in recent years. Especially for industrial usage, laser engraving is the popular one. It provides unique brand identification. Government regulation policy has clearly stated that product should bear a unique identification mark to cut off the forgery rate. Previously it has been reported several times that products are being duplicated. To avoid this and to encourage entrepreneurs with secure business opportunity government has introduced unique identification mark for each product.

This is primary reason of emerging popularity of laser marker and laser engraver. With this marking and engraving term many people get confused. Engraving and marking both used for different reasons and purposes. While both of them has their own benefits in their respected field. So, here’s the guide for you to understand the fundamental difference between marking and engraving.

What are the differences between laser marking and engraving?

Because of the changes in guidelines and approaches of government, both the laser marking and engraving have got equal significance. The term may sound similar but they are different processes. Choosing marking or engraving depends on the purpose. If you want to captivate potential client by visually impacting them then laser marking would be the best choice for you. Whereas if the product quality matters to you then opting for engraving would be the best choice.

Laser marking system

When the product appearance matters to your business then unquestionably you need laser marking. Even if it is a prerequisite to keep the product material intact then also marking is the best alternative. Laser marking is utilized to make an alluring look on the product. Mainly it is used for marking any non-metallic materials such as textiles, acrylic, plastics, wood, foils, and leather. Apart from that it can be used for marking alcohol packaging, integrated circuits, and PVC pipes.

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Laser engraving system

Laser engraving creates an impact on the product by leaving it with smooth finished look. After the engraving the engraved area can be felt by a touch with your fingers. Green laser engraver offers magnificent, efficient marking with a high speed. As per government rules engraving has become a necessity for product identification.


Choosing engraving or marking might be daunting for you. Although a precise idea can help you with your planning further. There are online stores available where you’ll get customized option for marking and laser engraving machines like green laser engraver. If you’re running medium-sized or small sized enterprises, then companies are there to help you with your product engraving or marking. Even you can get it done easily within a reasonable price. So, engrave your company logo and brand name on your product to make it look more reliable and authenticate to people. Engraving makes your product look finished and more appealing to your potential customers.


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