All sports activities require specific kinds of accessories. Among the various accessories, shoes need special mention. Without the right kinds of shoes, playing any sport would be nearly impossible. And this stands true for the game of lacrosse as well. There are two kinds of shoes which are used by players in the game of lacrosse – lacrosse cleats and lacrosse turf shoes.

General people might not understand, but there is a huge difference in the varieties of the shoes. It might be quite astonishing to know that many championships and lacrosse games have been lost because the right kind of footwear were not used by the players in the game. Choice of right shoes makes quite a difference in the performance of the players and result of the game.

Lacrosse is a tough kind of sports and the feet remain under constant pressure in the game. In case you are wearing the wrong shoes, your feet might call for some really devastating results. Previously there was clear distinction that lacrosse players need two kinds of shoes, one pair each – turf shoes for artificial surfaces and cleats for all natural surfaces. Nowadays, there are under-plush artificial surfaces, which almost resemble natural green fields. As a result majority of players mainly go for a pair of lacrosse cleats, which are said to be effective on all kinds of surfaces. But, there are some other players, who love to stick to turf shoes for playing on artificial surfaces.

In game of lacrosse, the success on the field is dependent on two main factors – rapidness for explosive lateral movement and second the speed of outrunning the opponent. And for both these factors, having the right shoes are mandatory. In comparison to cleats, turf shoes are more flexible and much lighter. Many players have opined that they can play faster in turf shoes when compared to cleats.

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When you plan to purchase lacrosse turf shoes, keep these following points in mind for best buy:

  • Never compromise on the comfort factor – Wear the shoes in the way it is just right for you. It should neither be too tight nor be too loose. People might suggest you a specific brand, but it might not be that suitable for you. There are many brands in the market and you will get the one which will suit you in perfect manner.
  • Choose the right cut – Low and mid are the two cuts in which turf shoes are available. Players whose game style is making quick cuts in high speed, low-cut turf shoes are ideal; while mid-cut shoes are suitable for players looking for some extra support from shoes. The main aim of these shoes is maximizing flexibility and reducing weight.
  • The sole is vital – The sole of turf shoes are made for providing extra support. There are treads in these shoes, which resemble various kinds of athletic shoes. There are no plastic molded nubs in these shoes as is seen in cleats.

These are little things that should be checked before buying turf shoes for lacrosse.


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