Online shopping is booming in the Philippines, but many online scammers are also taking advantage of this booming industry. One of the most frequently asked questions is where to buy legal beauty products. That’s why I dedicated a shopping guide to my website. But there are legitimate websites where consumers can buy from an individual seller, but they are dealing with counterfeit products. I’ve already listed a few legit shoppers, so today in honor of 11.11, here’s a list of other, legitimate shoppers where you can buy beauty and other Asian beauty products in the Philippines.

1. RR Korean Shop – When I asked a legitimate Asian beauty shop seller in my Instagram stories, she was highly recommended, especially by skincare influencers I trusted.

2. KBEAUTY CAFE – actually has their own website where you can use the coupon code “itmariaalyssa” to get PHP 100 away from your first purchase (minimum purchase of PHP 1000). And yes, this is shamelessly self-promotion of my affiliate link where I can earn a commission. While joking with each other, many Filipinos prefer to shop on e-commerce sites that they can watch on television or endorse their favorite celebrities. And so many websites, such as Cabinet Cafe, created a shopping account to accommodate these users.

LO. See Bloom & Glow – This is another legitimate shopper seller who has their own website where you can get this coupon code “MARIM60” to remove PHP 100 on your entire K-beauty product orders with the least cost of Php1000. Can use. And just like the aforementioned site, they also created a Shopify account to stay in touch with customers who like shopping in the app.

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4. Scan Carrier – Yes, this is another seller who has their own shopable website, but this time there is no coupon code. But still, I trust them because they are one of the first local beauty vendors I know of. They sell the hardest to find products like Nojin, Pureto, and some Japanese beauty brands.

AL. ALLBE.PH – Another highly recommended seller of K-beauty product, they have lots of products from Linage, Innisfree, Ioop, Mamonde, and more! But unlike the aforementioned shops, it is a ship directly from South Korea.

6. Quetta Korea – It has a wide array of K-beauty products to find, such as Hanskins, The Cool Toll for School, Eritam, Aspire, and more. Although they have climbers, the fee shop, Tony Moye and more. But what I like the most is that their products aren’t limited to skincare and makeup. They also have hair products like hair color in pink, violet, blue and more!

7. INNISFREE – This brand is officially in the Philippines. You can find them at SM Magamall and Festival Mall in Alabang. But if you’re not around these places, it’s good that Innisfree also opened an official shopping page for residents of the Philippines.

8. Nassif – It is also a popular beauty brand, but they do not have a physical store in the Philippines. However, they have opened an official shopping page for those who love their Clut Fever serums and toners.

9. MEI SATSUKI – I have not purchased anything from this seller yet, but it has been suggested by Project Wendy’s Women, one of the top beauty website in the Philippines.

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10. Korean pH – Recommended by many skin careers. And browsing their page can tell you why. They sell some beauty products that are not really easy to find locally.


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