Training is an important process to acquire knowledge, attitude, and skills that are necessary to meet the gap between what people want to do, and their ability to do. In order to train the trainer on how to teach well, a learning approach is recommended. It is mandatory to train new hires for the long-term success of the company. Over $13.5 million businesses lose their employees annually because of ineffective training. For training the new hires, trainers need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills. If trainers are offered regular training, the reaming employees working in the organization will be properly trained. 


The trainers need to be knowledgeable about the subject matter and also have the quality to pass it to others. A trainer is also responsible to make sure that new hires are capable of their roles and continuously update them with the new working trends. However, there are several other aspects why it is important to train the trainerwhich are as follows-


1. Achieve Organizational Goals

Due to the lack of trainer’s focus on the organizational goals, most training programs don’t succeed. It is the responsibility of a trainer to train new hires of specific tasks that are related to their work-flow, but they failed to realize the objectives of the training program, which result in unproductive knowledge and skills of employees. So, it is important to train the trainers first and make them understand the objective of the business, which will help them to offer effective training programs for new hires. As every company has a different vision and mission, so training the trainers, you can make sure that the training program will help the company to achieve its goal. 


2. Professional Development

The success of business usually depends upon the trainer’s ability to train the new hires. Therefore, by the means of nurturing the professional development of the trainers, you are contributing to the careers of your new hires. Trainers need to remain and keep updated with new trends in the industry. Trainers further need to stay informed of the new trends and techniques to address the growth of the organization. 



3. Render an Effective Training Program

The success of new hires depends on how effective the training program was offered by the trainer. So, offering regular training to the trainers can help to address the issue-related to employees not able to reach their potential. After identifying the training gaps, it is the task of a trainer to update and redesign the training module. Trainers must also know how to tailor the curriculum of new hires as per their learning styles and skills. Therefore, train the trainer will help them to design an effective training program to meet the overall objective of the company.   


4. Evaluation of Competencies

If your trainers are equipped with training skills, they can easily evaluate whether new hires are ready to step on the floor and take a crucial business decision on their own. Hence, it not only prevents employee errors but also ensures the professional growth and development of every new hire. Therefore, trainers should be able to access whether new hires acquired the necessary skills and use them in the workplace. 


5. Reduce Turnover Rate of Employees

On-board training is one of the primary steps to engage your new hires. If an employee is confident about their skills and knowledge, which they have acquired during the training process, they can be productive for the business. It will also contribute to the growth in the satisfaction of employees. Therefore, training your trainers is important to ensure that new hires across all departments will get an effective training program and it will reduce the employee turnover rate. 


Hence, offering regular training to trainers is beneficial for their technical development. Trainers should also have proper knowledge about the objective of the company so that it will help them to train new hires with a better training module. They should have the leadership quality and hard-working approach to work, which will inspire the trainees. Therefore, it is a vital part of a powerful human resource program.     

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