Normally, in the world today over 350 breeds of horses and ponies are left and unfortunately, among them only a few horse breeds are used in the racing game.

Some common horse breeds that are used for different purposes are light horses, ponies, heavy horses, and feral horses. But don’t confuse them with those breeds taken for the racing game.

Hey, don’t skip the blog. Even if you are not interested in horse racing, you must know about the different horse breeds used for the particular game.

Only the light horses with small bones and long, thin legs are kept isolated for racing. The person responsible for conducting a horse racing game makes sure that the horse used does not exceed 1300 pounds of weight. Just check out the most expensive race horse 2017. You will be surprised to learn about its specifications.

Read the blog to unfold the different types of horse breeds used in horse racing.

3 Most Common Horse Breeds Used In Racing

  1. Thoroughbred: Ask about “thoroughbred” to any horse lover or to any racing expert, you will encounter a statement “nothing can be better than thoroughbred when you are talking about horse racing.

    Thoroughbreds are the most successful horse breeds of the biggest horse race shows. And as a consequence, they have become one of the most popular horse breeds in the market today.

    Thoroughbreds are rarely cool-tempered. They don’t take a sec to get excited. They are full of energy and so these, when used in races, try to win the game by giving their best. Their speed and strength are incomparable and are the result of a muscular body, long legs, deep chest, and strong hindquarters. They belong to 15 to 17 hands high group.

    Mostly they are obtained in two different colors and are too expensive compared to others. Check out the most expensive race horse 2017. No doubt, it will be thoroughbred.

  2. American Quarter Horse: American quarter horses are considered to be the fastest sprinters. They are the next best race horse that has impressive characteristics difficult to compare.

    American quarter horses are known for their warm and loving temperament. They too have a muscular and athletic body and stand between 14 to 16 hands high.

  3. Arabian Horse: Another most popular race horse category is the Arabian horse. Anyone looking for a modern horse breed can definitely pay for the Arabian horses. They have unique characteristics, unlike others.

    The unique head shape, the high tail carriage, the unbreakable bones, the well-shaped hip, and the tough shoulder, make the Arabian horse unique in themselves. Such a well-shaped and hard body makes them strong and faster in races. They are available in maximum of 15 hands high and are also considered among the expensive race horses in the market.


Other than these three, race horses also have some more companions. For example Appaloosa, Paint, Standardbreds etc. Each horse breed mentioned above has its own style and features. Are you willing to spend some bucks on them? Make sure you choose the best among the hundreds. Maybe the details about the most expensive race horse 2017 will help you out.

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