Aconcagua hike is considered to be one of the safest mountain hikes in the southern and western hemispheres.

As it is easily accessible and safe for climbing people are easily drawn to it.

Especially the ones who are adventure freaks.

Are you one of those freaks?

Then here’s the news for you. Every year around 3000+ people who attempt Aconcagua without any preparation. Among them, people often face altitude sickness and out of every eight people only half will reach the summit.

So, before you attempt the climb here’s common climbing diseases and their cures which you should be aware of.

  1. Onsightis

It is the condition where you don’t face any kind of enthusiasm to climb the route and be successful at the first attempt.

It is a kind of state patient feel resistance to climbing difficult routes.

However, in mild onsightis you may not notice any symptom but as the time passes you seem to display aggression.

It is not a serious disease anyway. And it can be cured gently. Whenever you face such symptom try to go for the easiest routes. Once you get used to it then try the hard ones.

  1. Cragger’s Malaise

It is one of the diseases that resolve without any treatment. This is a common illness among mountaineers after climbing.

The causes are still unknown. There are many self-made causes but none of them define the exact truth. But its effect is shocking. It leaves the person overly chatty.

You will feel dizzy and there will be no ability to take risks at all.

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Often it cures without any treatment. So, it is required to give time to the patient.

  1. Buzzfeeding

It is also known as obsessive Tick-Listive Disorder. It leads to the damage of right mesial prefrontal cortex, resulting in abnormal behavior.

To treat these kinds of patients, it is required to take them to another rock climbing with protection.

  1. Over-seriousness

Climbing is a passion for many people. But when you become too serious about it then it leads to disease.

It is psychological imbalance and can be treated easily if the person is willing to. Often the person becomes too serious and cannot take any offensive words about climbing or about him or her.

It is not one of those serious problems and can easily be treated by chilling out.

  1. Partneraphobia

If you go climbing alone then you will be spending time with yourself only being close to nature. It creates a habit within you.

So even after your return, you may not like to talk and spend time with others.

Simply you won’t like to socialize.

This may not sound a serious problem but if left untreated it can lead to a serious psychological problem.


To avoid all these, it is better to go for Climbing Aconcagua with a group. So you will be around your kind of people. And thus you won’t feel solicited. Which is important. There are companies which conduct a group expedition. They have expert mountaineers with years of experience. Which also reduce the chances of any serious health hazard.

So, when are you going for an Aconcagua hike?

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