When it comes to security, the very first thing that strikes the mind is the security and surveillance cameras, known as CCTV or Closed-Circuit television. We all are very much aware of this.

Now coming to our question. There are plenty of CCTVs are accessible in the technology hub based on their features, ranges, styles, and performance. Different models like DS-2CE78U1T-IT3F are strongly appreciated by the users. But how to find the best among so many models? Which one will you prefer for security purposes? Quite tough to answer.

Let us make this a bit simpler. Turret, Dome, and Bullet are the three most popular surveillance cameras, highly in demand due to their individual perks. Which according to you will serve you needs to the fullest?

Again a confusion! Well, to ease out your purchase and to help you in making your decision, reading this blog will be enough. Just have a look and greet yourself with the best security camera.

Turret vs Dome vs Bullet Security Cameras

Turret Security Cameras – Turret security cameras are also known as mini-dome, eyeball, or even flat-faced dome camera. These are high-end cameras that come with a ball and socket design.

The most impressive thing about this camera is its spun mechanism. These are introduced with a wireless design owing to their complex structure of fixing external antennas.

Another thing that you must learn about them is their two variants in the night vision feature – IR or infrared vision and EXIR night vision. As a consequence, they are popularly used to secure both indoor and outdoor including long-distance areas like backyard, driveway, doorway, etc.

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Why don’t you buy a model (DS-2CE78U1T-IT3F) to secure your place?

Dome Security Cameras – Dome CCTV cameras are another most frequently used surveillance camera for indoors and outdoors. The name has been derived from the shape they possess.

The dome-shaped camera has a fixed viewing angle that is set at 100degree but has the ability to generate a panoramic view of the surveillance area. The biggest advantage that has made these cameras user-friendly is its hard-to-recognize ability. Because of the dome-shaped, it becomes difficult for the vandals to detect in which direction the lens is directing.

Bullet Security Cameras – Coming to the bullet security cameras. These CCTV cameras are perfectly designed to serve the streets, highways, supermarkets, and neighborhood. They work from both the angle, 80 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically.

Bullet CCTV cameras appear like a tapered cylinder and are usually mounted on the walls or ceilings, to get an apt view of the entire area.

On a whole, let us jot down the pros and cons of every security system creating a comparison among them in a tabular form.


Pros of Security Cameras


  1. Easy to adjust the angle.
  2. Insect-proof
  3. Restricts IR-bounce
  4. Flexible to install both vertically and horizontally.
  5. Less invasive.
  6. Ability to capture clear videos due to good night vision.


  1. Vandal proof
  2. 180 to 360 degree visibility.
  3. Less intrusive.
  4. Hard to detect the exact direction of the camera lens.


  1. Easy to install, easy to change the position.
  2. Easy to capture videos at a long distance.
  3. Good performance in low light conditions.
  4. Variety in products.
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Cons of Security Cameras


  1. No vandal proof.
  2. Easily noticeable.
  3. Good to work at shorter distances.


  1. Hard to take off and change its position.
  2. Allows dust to settle down easily.
  3. Allows more IR-bounce.


  1. Allows spiders and insects to build their home in the camera.
  2. Easier to change the direction by the intruders.

The Last Note

With the advancement in technology and with the inception of security cameras, our lives, to some extent, have been secured. Won’t you like to take the leverage of science and technology? Won’t you like to install a Dome or Bullet or Turret like DS-2CE78U1T-IT3F?

Find out the most reputed CCTV dealer and secure your area.


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