Even though there are numerous ways to send and receive money with the help of using the internet but making payments through mobile credit card readers is in trends now as people and businesses prefer to go cashless and it has become quite popular for every size of businesses as it offers businesses fruitful functionalities to make transactions by just simply inserting a device in it. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the best 5 mobile credit card readers in order to make safe and secure payments in a more advanced and effective way.

In addition, mobile Credit card readers are devices which can also be called as dongle that effectively accept and process payments through a smartphone or tablet, along with point-of-sale (POS) software. 

Furthermore, many processors offer free or low-cost readers and charge a monthly fee and transaction fees. The best credit card readers have low processing fees and come with POS – Point of sale apps to process sales and view reports.

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Best Mobile Credit Card Readers

1. Square



Square is one of the best mobile credit card readers which are specifically used by small to large businesses for online transactions as it offers the simplest, best credit card reader and payment processing service that’s considered beneficial for a small business that prefers to receive low-ticket credit card sales. 

No one can beat Square versatility, as stands out with a variety of credit card readers and the powerful point of sale software includes free business management tools.

Square Pricing

You will be amazed to know that Square comes with free and low – cost credit card readers and flat-fee payment processing may seem that it touches sky at 2.75% to 3.5% (with 15 cents per transaction for some transactions), but it ends up being one of the most affordable and reasonable options for small business taking smaller payments (approximately $10 per ticket), as there’s no monthly fee.

Square Features You Should Be Knowing

  • Offers varieties of card readers options
  • Along with mobile Bluetooth, and terminals readers
  • Lets you make online transactions in offline mode too
  • Various business management features
  • Anywhere anytime when you are in need of help then surely you will get it with Square customer supports

2. PayAnywhere – Considered the best budget credit card reader




Without a second thought, you should be using PayAnywhere for effective transferring of money as it lets you avail free mobile card reader for accepting chip and swipe payments. 

PayAnywhere comes with lowest pay-as-you-go rates at just 2.69% per transaction, and an app with free business management features, along with some extra features and functionalities such as a barcode scanner that makes it a great fit for small sellers who would like to have a low-cost solution.

PayAnywhere Pricing

PayAnywhere offers you flat-rate transaction fees, just like Square and PayPal offers you. However, PayAnywhere has a few key differences. PayAnywhere’s transaction fees are quite cheaper than Square and PayPal have, but there is a monthly inactivity fee for merchants that go 12 months without processing a transaction. PayAnywhere becomes an all-time favorite as it offers a free chip card reader.

Below Are Mentioned Some Fee Plans You Can opt To Avail

  • Monthly fee: $0, no monthly fee
  • In-person processing fee: 2.69%
  • Keyed-in transaction fee: 3.49% plus 19 cents per transaction
  • Inactivity fee: $3.99 per month after 12 months of inactivity

3. Payment Depot

Payment Depot is another effective mobile credit card reader and a membership-model merchant service provider that lets you enjoy a variety of mobile and terminal options for credit card readers and has extremely competitive rates for businesses processing $20,000 per month or more, in order to make Payment Depot the best fit for well-established businesses.

 Payment Depot’s pricing 

Payment Depot offers four separate subscription options with differing company sizes. Three of the plans come with a free mobile reader and a terminal for reading cards. The only drawback is that the large monthly payments that come with Payment Depot really only make sense for firms who handle at least $10,000 a month reliably and consistently but preferably $20,000 per month.

4. Paypal Here – best mobile credit card reader especially for those who make online payments occasionally.

PayPal This is where credit card scanners are accessible for iOS and Android devices. You will accept payments like direct PayPal purchases, administer your company and monitor transactions using one of the card readers along with PayPal’s mobile app. You’re going to have to buy a processor with credit cards, but they’re inexpensive and so is the handling of payments.

Paypal Here’s Pricing

PayPal A free mobile card reader appears quite similar to Square’s, and best fits from small to well-established businesses. PayPal is a free chip card reader when you sign up for an account here.

You can also pay $79.99 for chips and contactless readers with sets. If you want to use a computer device, the monthly fee is $30 but if you only do smartphone transactions, there’s no monthly charge. There are also no production charges. 

5. Shopify – Ideal Solution For Ecommerce Businesses

No wonder, shopify is among the top-leading ecommerce solution for businesses. And with its credit card readers and payments software, it goes beyond online stores. The app syncs the product offline and purchases with your online store Shopify. Processing costs are average for fixed rates but Shopify charges the online store a monthly fee.

Shopify’s Pricing

Shopify’s credit card readers range in price from $29 to $89, but when you sign up for an account you can get the entry-level reader for free. The processing fees here are close to Square and PayPal, but you will also need to sign up for an ecommerce plan that varies from $29 to $299 a month.   


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