Are you also one of those enthusiastic mountain lovers? Book your weekend trips to the mighty Aconcagua guided climb, to get a full moon view of the starlit night. We at Aconcagua One provide you with two basic routes to the camp. Each of the routes are specialized as per the customers booking it, facilities for everyone ranging from elders to infants are improvised. Although there are various facilities provided, the price range is comparatively low. Each of the essential necessities ranging from itinerary to porters are provided by our company free of cost.

Once you book your Aconcagua guided climb with us, be sure to get the best possible view in a limited time range. In this guided climb both beginners as well as experts can take part to enjoy the extraordinary view. Our mentor and guide will assist you thoroughly on the trip, so that you don’t face any challenge throughout.

Why choose this guided camp ?

We have been guiding our customers for 15 years. We have gradually become the toppers of this route. Thereby if you book us, there are almost no chances that you will be facing any travel related issues whatsoever.

Have a look at the reasons

  • Unparalleled measures of safety
  • Availability of In-built porters
  • Certified guides
  • Well planned trips
  • Proper food and shelter

There are several other websites that promise to provide you with adequate food and necessities, however once you reach the spot they deny it. This type of casualties are almost next to impossible in our case. We provide efficient guides and hygienic food. Every customer who books the trip Aconcagua guided climb gets adequate advantage of both the trek as well as the natural beauty of the magnificent hills.

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Services included

Once you book us we provide you with all detailed necessities ranging from sherpas to mule. We try our level best to provide the most complete service to all the Aconcagua guided climb customers. We offer the following services:

  • Luggage carry and recovery
  • Help from permits
  • Hygienic meals
  • Loading and transfer of mules
  • Safety and privacy
  • Summit participation certificate
  • Guides
  • 24hr medical support

Each of these services are available to everyone who books us for the Aconcagua guided climb. However if you have extra luggage, it is up to you whether you will book a mule or not. Other than this, each of the duties will be undertaken and looked after by us with possible measures.

Aconcagua guided climb routes  

The Aconcagua guided climb is analyse in a definite two routes process. Each of the routes are planned according to their own specialists, book carefully and enjoy.

Normal Route

If you have decided to select this route, keep in mind to take the necessities according to the itinerary suggested by us. Aconcagua guided climb through the normal route does not need any kind of expert mountaineer experience or necessity. Everyone, starting from the beginners to the mountain ,can handle this trek. You require a crampon for this expedition, note it down to bring it on the trip now.

Vacas Valley

If you are a trekker, this route is definitely for you! Overall, this entire trek is comparatively 20% longer than the normal one and has a better altitude view as compared to the previous one.

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What are you waiting for ? Book now!

Training and gear

We provide you with adequate pre training and gear requirements as well. Before you book the trip with us, make sure to get certified from the doctors that your body has the capability to climb such a trek. In addition to this, we provide you with helpful guidance and assistance time and again. During our pre-climbing training sessions we guide you with necessary measures from time to time.


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