When you buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen), there are various concerns that you need to consider. These major concerns include the quality, strength, durability, puncture-resistance, flexibility, and the color of disposable gloves. Research and studies have revealed that wearing inferior-quality food service gloves leads to food contamination and subsequent foodborne illnesses. Low-quality food service gloves can be permeable to bacteria and virus, and spread pathogens from the worker’s hand to food. Additionally, they are vulnerable to punctures or tears can contaminate your food easily. Furthermore, the rising price of high-quality material gloves compels many food-service companies to compromise with the quality to meet their stringent budgets.

Why Nitrile Gloves are the Best for Food-service Industry

If you’re looking to buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen) for your food-service company, you should consider buying Nitrile disposable gloves. Nitrile disposable gloves are the safest and hygienic gloves for the food-service industry. Due to its high flexibility, reliability, durability, and chemical-free characteristics FDA and HACCP have certified Nitrile gloves to be used as the safest and strongest food handling glove.

Ensures Safety

Since disposable gloves are made of synthetic rubber polymer, they can easily become a contaminate or additive in food. Employees wearing low-quality gloves or not adhering to the safety regulations correctly can lead to the transfer of harmful microorganisms from their hands to the food. Moreover, if they do not wash their hands frequently and continue wearing the punctured gloves, they are likely to contaminate the food.

The best way to prevent food contamination and food-borne diseases is to buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen) made from Nitrile. Nitrile gloves are considered as the safest food processing glove; however, they need to obtain food safety certifications such as FDA or HACCP.

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Great Strength and Wear-resistance

Nitrile is known for its quality, strength, durability, and puncture-resistance. However, the quality of Nitrile gloves depends on the industry applications and manufacturer. By knowing where these gloves are going to be used, manufacturers produce Nitrile gloves of variant thickness, strength, and longevity.

Perfectly Fits Your Hands

When working in a food-service company, it is imperative to buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen) that are comfortable and fit perfectly on your hands. If the food service gloves are uncomfortable and not designed for the purpose, employees will prefer working barehand rather than wearing them. Hence, this will lead to potential injuries and food contamination. Nitrile gloves are flexible and adjust to your body temperature to ensure a comfortable and perfect fit.

Contaminate-free and Additive-free

Before you buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen), you should make sure it is contaminate-free and additive-free. The toxic particles present in low-quality gloves can also lead to food contamination when they come in direct contact with the food. Therefore, it is wise to use Nitrile disposable gloves as these are safe and healthy to use.

Food processing features

With its superior hand protection and food processing features, Nitrile has easily overtaken other glove production materials. Besides being FDA certified and 100% latex-free, Nitrile gloves come with other features that make it the safest of all the other gloves. Manufacturers employ special technologies to make the glove durable, strong, safe, comfortable and easier to wear with wet or sweaty hands.


The potential risks of food contamination and foodborne diseases can be mitigated by following food safety procedures, using the correct type of foodservice gloves sourced from the trusted manufacturer, and by washing hands at regular intervals. Before you buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen), make sure you know AQL of disposable gloves you’re purchasing. So, the next time you buy disposable gloves (einweghandschuhe kaufen) for your kitchen, make sure your gloves are certified, safe, durable, and of high-quality to counterattack your food safety risks. It is strongly advised to buy Nitrile disposable gloves for your kitchen as these are the best and certified foodservice gloves for handling food in a safe and hygienic manner.

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