Are you looking for a silicone prototype project company? We at Konark are waiting to help you out! Our engineers and team members are highly skilled, providing you with adequate ideas for silicone prototypes from time to time. We produce several differentiated silicon prototypes and molding to help our customers according to their own specification. Each of our silicone molding processes are ideally done on the basis of low temperature, to appropriately mold the silicone’s to perfection. Our team members also carry through the measure of using liquid injection based molding to equivalence the entire process easily.

If you are looking for something similar, contact us now to get your product delivered as per your choice. Often it becomes difficult to encapsulate heat sensitive materials, but we at Konark use stable temperature with biocompatibility proof mechanism. Thereby, if you are opting for us then be sure you will get the best product delivered to you without any additional challenges.

Measures we follow that are unique

Some of the measures are rightly followed by us, which have helped us to reach the supreme height of success. The reason we have such a huge base of loyal customers is due to these β€˜out of the box’ methods.

Affordable Cost structure and time limit

Customers at times have a definite complaint that involves the challenges related to cost and delivery measures. We at Konark have the ability to build silicone prototypes and to complete them within a minimum of 3 business days. However, If the work process is complex then the cost associated with the project accordingly increases.

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Silicone prototypes part designΒ 

Each of the part designs of the silicone prototypes are prepared through a definite silicon injection based molding. If the wall of the silicon base is not up to date then it could often create challenges for the project later. This challenge is rightly analysed at Konark, our staff guides you through the various levels of wall-building that is suitable for your project.

Surface based tool finish

Each of the silicone prototypes manufactured in our company are polished to perfection. If you are interested in getting the top notch result for your silicone prototypes project, contact us for details.

Silicone prototypes Process

The entire process to complete the project is considerably easy. Have a look at the steps mentioned below which we essentially follow to complete the entire process.

Step 1: CAD or drawing day.

Step 2: Designing of mold or silicone prototypes.

Step 3: shipping the molds to their desired destination.

Easy right? Yes, it is! But only once you give us the responsibility to complete the project. In that case, it becomes our first priority to provide your requirements on time. There are multiple options and methods that we provide our customers. Thereby if you are not satisfied with the first method, we will make sure to satisfy you through other ways. There are other companies that provide silicone prototypes and encapsulation in a non-fixed format, which in future creates several issues, at Konark these challenges are nonexistent.

Availability of customization

These are the measures that we provide or have an option for our customers. However if you have any other idea about the silicone prototypes, feel free to contact us. We will help to deliver you the project without any issue. The main aim that Konark has is to rebuild your dream project within an affordable cost structure and time limit.

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Along with all other measures there is a wide variety of colour which we have. Choose from there, and we will deliver your dream project in no time.

Get in touch

Hurry up! Give us a miscall and we will call you back in no time. We also provide you with a detailed walkthrough about the future result of your upcoming silicone prototypes project before hand.


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