Odoo currently is one of the optimum management software that is used mainly for business purposes. The software is widely used for manufacturing, accounting, billing, project management, warehouse and inventory management. It also includes e-commerce and CRM. The LGPLv3 open source version is its community version. The proprietary services and the features of the enterprise version supplements the open source version.

The Belgium-based Odoo S.A curates the framework and the source code of the core ERP modules. To promote the extensive use of the Odoo Ksa, in 2013 the Odoo Community Association was formed. The organization also supports the collaborative expansion of the Odoo features.

The large architecture of the Odoo Ksa allows ample organizations and freelancers to develop numerous Odoo modules and Apps. These modules and apps are left in the marketplace to be downloaded or sold for free. University courses have often used Odoo as a component. As a result of this Odoo is observed as an alternative to proprietary methods to boost teaching.

Odoo Ksa consists of more than 14000 third party Plugins/Apps obtainable in its app store. Each of these apps are built to suit the different needs of the users. Odoo is one of the most popular open source ERP solutions in the market.

Advantages of using Odoo

There are a number of reasons why we need Odoo. The objective of Odoo Ksa is to increase the level of proficiency, uphold the collaboration culture within an organization and make business procedures smooth. Let us look at some of the advantages of Odoo:

  • Promotes healthy cooperation- The numerous boundaries between departments are analyzed by the ERP software. The framework significantly allows units to function and cooperate and coordinate with the other units of the Odoo ERP module. Odoo system also fosters coordination between control centers and remote groups through the use of the internet.
  • Increase efficiency- Commercial procedures like marketing inventory, sales and production are incorporated under the ERP policy. The optimum advantage that ERP systems provide is that it systematizes the daily tasks like producing business reports and accessing data.
  • Lowers the cost of Production-Production costs are considerably reduced by the usage of Odoo solutions. Distribution and production is highly sensitive to any kind of disturbance. Therefore, here arises the need for an effective Odoo system. The Odoo software permits engineering, consumer service as well as manufacturing. In this way it promotes harmonious working among the production and distribution segments.
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Odoo Ksa thrives on flexibility. It is one of the most flexible management software and lets you customize your features the way you want. One of the major ascendancy of Odoo over other software’s is that it is an open source platform. Therefore, you don’t have to incur costs of any type. The Odoo app store is home to more than 14000 ready made applications. The customer relationship management of Odoo is an effective and powerful consumer association administration with a consumer boundary that is structured to increase sales.


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