Mongolia is actually known to be a country of nomads. It is filled with natural beauty that is a treat to our eyes. You can even experience its rich and unique cultural tradition while trekking through western Mongolia tours. It has a varied landscape that will journey you to the western wilderness. The space is wide open which feels like an amazing horizon. The nomads who live here are called Ger that is their ancient dwelling. The area is surrounded by a natural environment and you can enjoy the sight of horsemen freely galloping.

The historic places like Khangai and Gobi can be treasures for the whole life. You can view the palm wide and the hospitality of the nomads is unforgettable.

You can discover the Tsaachin community on horseback. The community will welcome you in their home place with a sense of ethnicity that is mystical’.

The Silk Road that you can find from western Mongolia tours is the oldest trade route in the whole world. It is known as the caravan road that connects the east and the west. It is a great opportunity to visit Mongolia and explore mystical places.

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You can adventure in an uncommon wilderness of a mountainous region called Altai. This highest mountain and its peak are totally covered with snow. The sight of the rivers and valleys is just breathtaking.

This community has a rich cultural heritage which you can see in the art galleries and the local tradition is unique. The journey through this tour will immerse you in the beautiful nature and their living. And also the attraction of Golden eagle festival Mongolia is big.

The Tsaachin community lives near the Khuvsgul Lake that is filled with mythic ethnicity. They live a life that you can learn if you spend a few days with them. They ride on reindeers, milk them and process their skin for their livelihood. You can ride on the reindeer and experience the ecstatic nature of Taiga.

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What is the historical background?

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It is the land of nomadic horsemen combine with arid steppes. Their stretch is from jagged mountains to the massive Gobi desert.

The landscape that you will see with Tours Mongolia is cold and windy which evokes the images of both Genghis Khan and Mongol hordes.

The culture of the Mongolians is traditional but you can sense a mix of religious influences in the capital. The Tibetan, Chinese and Mongolian influences are infused together.

Every year there is a festival that is hosted is colorful and is named as Naadam festival. Thousands of the tribes flock to participate in other manly games like archery, wrestling, and horse riding.

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The festival that is conducted portrays the tradition and culture of the community. On the other hand, the games that are held mark the courage and strength of the warriors that are tested. It includes Golden eagle festival Mongolia

Travel in a land of stark, barren and spectacular beauty, a world without boundaries, where vast plains are matched only by the enormous blue sky. This is nature on an almost unimaginable scale, dwarfing all who pass through it. The endless wilderness populated only by the nomadic peoples and their livestock who live day to day in the awe-inspiring landscape.



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