The effects of a Keratin hair treatment for the beautiful, healthy head of hair are well documented. The hair is strengthened, hair that is thick, smooth and shiny is available from this natural compound that is a component of the cells of the human body.

Keratin is a natural protein that naturally forms a gel within the cells of the body. When exposed to the light the keratin is transformed into keratin-1. This is what gives the hair its texture and its appearance of being soft and smooth.

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Many people do not realize that a keratin hair treatment is available in many forms. It is made by mixing various kinds of keratin with other substances. This blend is processed with heat to form a powder or a gel. The final product is then applied to the head of hair that is desired.

A keratin hair treatment is not a cream or a washcloth. No matter what the type of product that you choose it will require heating. If you would like to look younger and revitalized look into using the natural process of keratin which includes hair treatments to stimulate cell renewal.

There are two types of keratin hair treatments for the head. One is done with the use of heat and the other is done without heat. Whether it is done with heat or without heat will depend on your hair type.

When the keratin hair treatment is not done with heat, there is no bleach added to the products. These are known as neutral keratin products. The neutral types have a lot of vitamins and minerals included in the formulation.

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These products are able to be applied to all hair types including those that are fine or limp. The keratin products come in formulas that are based on the natural ingredients of vitamin A, B and C. These include keratin and amino acids. There are products available that contain keratin, amino acids and vitamins A, B and C. The products are formulated so that the keratin, amino acids and vitamins work together to fight the split ends and bad shine that is brought about by the loss of hair. Once the hair is nourished by these ingredients it will grow and shine like never before.

The keratin hair treatment for the head will cost more than a regular hair treatment. This is because the price of this natural ingredient will increase when it is mixed with other ingredients. It may take three months to a year to see the most noticeable results and even then there will be no guarantee that the results will remain the same.


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