In this critical COVID-19 situation, all major laptop and printer brands have been supplying a plethora of accessories like hard disks, toners, cartridges as well as laptop batteries and adapters to the banks, and hospitals to continue their operations flawlessly.

Although an outbreak of COVID-19 is having a massive impact on different industries, the sale of PCs, printers, and laptops alongside their accessories have increased meaningfully to keep working from homes.

Right before lockdown, which is enforced for the undefined period in different countries, Chromebooks and other business laptops saw sales increases. It’s just because people all over the spectrum began to work from their homes as corona-positive cases were emerging from different offices throughout the world.

What Lenovo Says?

In view of the growing need for distance and flexibility in the work of companies all over the world, the demand for laptops and supporting accessories has increased.

HP Inc, on the other hand, also encountered a great deal of demand, and according to the sources, all HP’s work-from-home products were sold out in a short span of time.

Aside from that, Chromebooks have led the chart and seen a massive demand as one can store data on the Cloud, and it’s quite a secure way – according to the companies’ point of view. IT companies bought business laptops/Chromebooks in significant numbers across all industries, sources further added.

In addition, the government of different countries has specially authorized PC and print majors to supply toners, cartridges, and hard disk supplies, etc., to hospitals (to have updated COVID-19 data), banks as well as other essential facilities to ensure that their operations are continued without any problem.

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What’s More?

According to a report shared by a CyberMedia Research’s president named Thomas George, we’ve seen a significant rise in the sale of PCs, laptops alongside their dc and ac adapter due to work-from-home situations – thanks to COVID-19.

The Gorge further added that this pattern is evident in all industries. Nevertheless, large corporations put new orders and enabled an entire process or team to work remotely – from home. A big IT services firm – for instance, rolled out 4-5 thousand laptops to workers to keep working from homes in COVID-19.

As demand continues from every corner of the world, desktops, printers, and laptop manufacturers have begun to face the supply challenge and expect to fix this once the lockdown is cleared up.

Under the current conditions, supply and demand differences will arise because of limits on product imports, and costs will escalate further, George said. Some other online sources have confirmed that the PC market boosted suggestively with 18.1% year-on-year back in 2019 with hundreds of million shipments of desktops, notebooks, and workstations.

The Last Words

Although we’ve seen a remarkable rise in sales it’s to be noted that the PCs and laptops market could shift worse if COVID-19 goes on in 2H20. Also, remember that Samsung’s policy of expanding its manufacturing base to countries like India and Vietnam appeared to pay off when the outbreak first began in China last year. Supply interruptions affected the rival, such as Apple, as China decided to shut down all factories and locked various cities to deal with Coronavirus.

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